Project cooperation extends to Portugal: Jorge Filipe da Silva Gomes, a professor of human resource management and leadership in Lisbon, visited Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Hymyilevä tummatukkainen mies puvuntakissa.

In May, a well-known professor Jorge Filipe da Silva Gomes from the School of Economics at the University of Lisbon visited Tampere University of Applied Sciences as a guest of the Sustainable Brain Health project.

The project team and professor Gomes had an interview and made a video on human resource management and brain health, to be released in the fall.

The University of Lisbon is considered one of the best academically performing universities in the world. The university aims to enable students to discover new ways of thinking in a multicultural environment and to be able to find individual ways to create their future. In Portugal, there is a greater emphasis on mental health than brain health in management.

− In our discussions, Gomes was interested in incorporating brain health into management. The brain health project can make a significant contribution to the development of human resource management at the international level as well. We will continue to work internationally with different universities, like the University of Lisbon, says project manager Mirva Kolonen.

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Text: Mirva Kolonen, Päivi Mayor and Kirsi Toljamo
Photo: University of Lisbon