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The aim of the Sustainable Brain Health project is to improve employee well-being by developing a brain health barometer for work communities.

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Brain health is a key factor for the well-being of workers and work communities, as well as for the productivity of the work. The project focuses on cognitive ergonomics, information ergonomics, affective ergonomics, self-direction and ethical workload.

Project objectives

Project objectives are
1. To map the state of the target group’s occupational health and well-being;
2. To give support to the work communities in the area of information and cognitive ergonomics;
3. To reinforce the employee’s self-direction;
4. To encourage the employee’s endeavours in handling the ethical workload;
5. To establish procedures and tools for sustainable brain health.


Project short-term outcomes are
1. The state of the target group’s occupational health and well-being is investigated.
2. Procedures and tools for handling information and cognitive ergonomics are developed and implemented.
3. Procedures and tools for reinforcing the employee’s self-direction are developed and implemented.
4. Procedures and tools for encouraging the employee’s endeavours in handling the ethical workload are developed
and implemented.
5. The brain health barometer is established.

Long-term outcome

The brain health barometer is established and available for use in other occupational health care environments to benefit the ethical workload handling processes and to support occupational well-being.

Project funding

Sustainable Brain Health project is ongoing 1 March 2020 – 31 August 2023.  The project is funded by Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health from European Social Fund’s (ESF) Programme for Sustainable Growth and Jobs 2014-2020 Finnish structural fund.


Sustainable Brain Health project partners are Tampere Universities community, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Pirkanmaa Hospital District, Tays Behavioral Neurology Research Unit at the Tampere University Hospital.

The project is coordinated by Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

In cooperation

Our multidisciplinary project consortium is enriched by expertise in neurosciences and employees’ wellbeing at work.

Implementation support for our Sustainable Brain Health project is provided by the Director of Neurocenter Finland, Mikael von und zu Fraunberg, Docent of Neurosurgery. Neurocenter Finland is a Finnish cooperation network for neurosciences and research.

Occupational health operators Pirte and Mehiläinen are involved as experts on employees’ wellbeing at work. Our partner is Ruissalo Rehabilitation Centre.

Thank you to all our collaborators!