Welcome to JustTalks on 26.3.: Rage as a political emotion with Mustafa Dikeç

JustTalks event on 26th of March

Welcome to the first JustTalks event, organized by JUSTSPACES Research Network!

Time: Tue, March 26, at 16:00–17:00
Venue: Telakka 2nd floor

Speaker: Senior Scholar Mustafa Dikeç (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden): Rage as a political emotion
Commentator: Postdoctoral Researcher Virve Repo (Tampere University)

Mustafa Dikeç is Senior Researcher at the Research Institutes of Sweden and the author of the “Badlands of the Republic”, “Space, Politics and Aesthetics” and “Urban Rage”.

JustTalks are informal gatherings that bring together scholars from different fields of study to discuss questions about social/spatial justice, socially sustainable cities, and rights and inequalities in the city. The events are open to the TAU community and collaborators. Each event includes a 20-minute speech by a guest speaker, followed by a commentary, and discussion with the audience. After the event, people are encouraged to socialize.

Welcome! (And come in advance so that you will have time to buy a beverage from the bar before the talk – in case you want to).

More information: Virve Repo and Päivi Kymäläinen (firstname.lastname@tuni.fi)

Picture of Mustafa Dikeç.