Action grant

STUE offers action grants for activities that strengthen multidisciplinary research on sustainable transformation of urban environments at Tampere University. The application is open once a year, in the beginning of Spring semester. Follow our news, Twitter and e-mail list to get informed!

STUE action grant can be granted for example for the following activities in line with STUE’s objectives:

  • organising events that bring together researchers/students from different disciplines and/or other societal actors outside the academia
  • creating activities for/with students around sustainable transformation of urban environments
  • establishing connections with stakeholders that are relevant for enhancing sustainable urban change
  • establishing connections with research partners in Finland and internationally
  • advancing inter- or multidisciplinary research initiatives around phenomena that are relevant for sustainable urban change (for example preparing research grants)

The grant can be applied by research networks and groups, or student organisations based at Tampere University as well as individual TUNI researchers. It cannot be used for salary costs.

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STUE Action Grant was granted for 6 inspiring activities in Spring 2022