Apply for STUE Action Grant by 12.2.2024! 

City scenery from Tampere.

Do you wish to invite an international scholar to visit Tampere Uni to build a collaboration around the theme of sustainable transformation of urban environments? Or organise a session/working group in an international conference? Perhaps you have an idea for strengthening collaboration between research and societal actors? Apply for STUE Action Grant by 12.2.2024 and make it happen!  

Call for STUE Action Grant 2024:  

In 2024, the Sustainable Transformation of Urban Environments (STUE) profiling area offers action grants for activities that 1) enhance international collaboration or 2) create and strengthen collaboration between Tampere University researchers and relevant stakeholders on sustainable urban change.  

Funding can be granted for example for the following activities in line with STUE’s objectives:  

  • inviting international scholars to visit Tampere University to develop collaboration, including e.g., organising a joint seminar 
  • organising a session/working group in an international conference (the grant can be used to cover conference fees and travel costs for TUNI researcher(s) leading the session) 
  • establishing connections and collaborations with societal stakeholders that are relevant for enhancing sustainable urban change  
  • organising events that bring together researchers/students from different disciplines with societal actors outside the academia (such as seminars or workshops, organised jointly with relevant stakeholders) 
  • creating/testing new concepts for collaboration (note that the relevance of the collaboration in terms of sustainable urban change needs to be clearly argued in the application)

The grant can be applied for by research networks and groups, or student organisations based at Tampere University as well as TUNI researchers. The applied sums can be up to EUR 3000, depending on the scale and the scope of the activity. Please note that the grant cannot be used for salary costs. 

The grant must be spent within the calendar year of 2024 (i.e. before 31.12.2024). The grant recipients will be requested to showcase the activity in the STUE website by 1) providing a blogpost about the activity and 2) an ad to promote the activity if it is an open event.  

The STUE board makes the decisions about the funding. The decisions will be based on 1) how well the activity fits in STUE’s aims and vision, 2) the grounds for the application and feasibility of the plan (why would this activity strengthen relevant collaboration and how will it be implemented in practice?), 3) the significance of the activity and 4) the diversity of actions. The results will be published in late February—early March 2024.  

Apply for STUE Action Grant with this short form by 12.2.2024 

More information: 

Research Coordinator Alisa Vänttinen,  

See the previous calls (2022 and 2023) and previously funded activities (but please note that in 2024 the focus of the call differs from 2022 and 2023 calls)