How to get published in top journals? Academic Writing and Journal Analysis course on 20.-24.5. – Sign up by 26.2.2024

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Welcome to Academic Writing and Journal Analysis course on 20.-24.5.2024 in Tampere to improve your skills and get published in top journals! The course is organised jointly by STUE (Sustainable Transformation of Urban Environments) and Century-Long Lives (CLL) profiling areas. It is led by distinguished expert Natalie Reid.

Course description

This five-day intensive course teaches everything you need to know about writing academic English texts that are sufficiently clear, coherent, organized, and polished for publication in top international journals. As the rhetorical conventions of Anglo-American English differ greatly from those of other languages, learning these unwritten rules of writing and argumentation is imperative.

The course consists of individual and group writing analysis and criticism; precisely focused editing exercises; and reference materials and writing guidelines. Content will include discussions of, and work with, issues of vocabulary (e.g., words to avoid), cultural differences (e.g., the psychology of reading), clarity (e.g., active vs. passive voice), organization (e.g., paragraphing), Aristotelian argumentation (e.g., what goes in an abstract, introduction, or conclusion), the two essential types of journal analysis, and outlining.

You will also learn how to conduct a rigorous journal analysis (including abstract analyses), organize information effectively, write abstracts and introductions according to Aristotelian logic, use clear language, make smooth transitions, and edit your own writing. Required is a pre-course submission of a 1- to 5-page writing sample (details to follow for the participants).

The course is held F2F in Tampere (City Centre Campus) at 9am–5pm. Online participation is not possible.

Sign up by 26.2.2024

The course fits maximum of 25 participants. Registration is open for all Tampere Uni researchers and PhD students that work on themes related to sustainable transformation of urban environments or human longevity and its implications for societies (broadly understood).

The places are filled based on 1) ability to participate to the whole five-day course; 2) motivation and use/need for the course; 3) connection of research interests to the topics of sustainable transformation of urban environments or human longevity and its implications for societies. The selections will be announced via email by 5.3.2024.

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About Natalie Reid

Natalie Reid has been teaching English language skills throughout Europe, Japan, the Pacific, and the US for over 30 years. Since the early 2000s, she has concentrated on teaching academic writing to, consulting with, and editing papers and books for European social scientists and other professionals. She also lectures at UC Berkeley to visiting scholars and postdocs through Berkeley’s VSPA department. Her most recent book is Getting Published in International Journals: Writing Strategies for European Social Scientists, Revised Edition, a unique combination of textbook and reference work that represents the core of her Academic Writing and Journal Analysis courses.

More information:

Alisa Vänttinen, /Research Coordinator, STUE

Katariina Tuominen, / Research Coordinator, Century-Long Lives