STUE Action Grant granted for 6 inspiring activities

City landscape from Tampere with buildings and trees.

STUE action grant has been granted for six intriguing activities that Tampere University's researchers and students will organise by the end of 2022. Take a look at the funded activities!

The call for action grant was open for all researchers and student organisations at Tampere University. It received all together 26 applications. STUE board made the decisions about the funding based on 1) how well the activity fits in STUE’s aims and vision, 2) the scale and scope of the activity, 3) clarity of the description of the activity, 4) planned use of the grant and 5) diversity of actions.

Action grant was granted for following activities. Each activity reseived EUR 500-3000. More information of each activity will be shared on STUE channels as they progress.

Event: Young people and adults in Tampere as builders of a sustainable city/CCC-Catapult research project

The researchers of the CCC-Catapult research project, together with the project’s youth action group, will organize a panel discussion at Tampere Hall in the autumn of 2022. The purpose of the event is to build dialogue between young people, their teachers and other adults about sustainable future, climate change mitigation and climate change education. The topic of discussion is influencing climate change mitigation: what can we do in Tampere? CCC-CATAPULT is a European multidisciplinary consortium exploring youth climate empowerment. Read youth action groups experiences on organising the event (in Finnish).

Urban Political Economy and Sustainability: Open lectures, study module, and student mini-conference/Postcape research project

A set of open lectures will be organized on the theme of urban political economy in autumn 2022. The lectures focus on how political-economic relations shape and constrain policies aimed at promoting urban sustainability. The lectures will be open to the members of the university community as well as to the public. A study module will be constructed around the lectures, culminating in a student mini-conference where students present their essays on sustainable urban political economies. The activity will be organized by Mikko Poutanen and Anni Kangas from the MAB Faculty’s Postcape research project. Learn more about the lecture series here.

Excursion for students/Urbanum ry

The excursion will give the students a possibility to get acquainted with the Hiedanranta project and how it is transforming urban environments as well as well as relevant organisations in Helsinki together with fellow students from University of Helsinki (MESTA ry). Urbanum ry is student organization for Tampere University Students of Sustainable Urban Development. Read student experiences from the excursion.

Embodied Moving in the City workshop/Insurgent Spatial Practices research group and Fema-taiteilijaryhmä

The workshop explores and illustrates how, with our bodies moving in urban space, different kinds of knowledge about urban environments can be generated. At the same time, it questions and challenges the hegemonic power and regulatory function of spatialized policies and practices, which aim to order people in space and control who can move where and how. This workshop is organized by the Insurgent Spatial Practices (research) group at Tampere University in collaboration with the artist group fema-taiteilijaryhmä.The workshop will be held on 5.10.2022. See reflections on the workshop here.

Green Campus activity/Sustainable Development Network

Green Campus activity seeks to enhance environmental sustainability with an interdisciplinary, participatory approach at Tampere University. The activity focuses on two main themes: (1) A secret garden project in Hervanta campus, and (2) a new biking plan to enhance biking facilities at all campuses. The Green Campus activity is a prototype for how to co-create future university spaces that support social and environmental well-being and diversity with the university community. This project is led by Group 1 “Biodiversity and Green Campuses” of the Sustainable Development Network at Tampere University, and it links to the Campus Nature project at city center campus. Learn more  about the workshops here.

Democracy research network/Public lecture series, meetings and workshop

Democracy research network is a multidisciplinary network of researchers that started operating in 2021, bringing together Tampere University researchers interested in democracy. The network will organize a series of public lectures on democracy research in spring 2022, launch monthly morning coffee events for Tampere university researchers and organize a workshop to identify common research interests and outline new opportunities for collaboration in the field of interdisciplinary democracy research. Learn more about the activities of the network.

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