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Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Research

Helsinki HPV Symposiums: Lecture extracts

5th Helsinki HPV workshop (2016): from disease elimination to the elimination of oncogenic HPV

Elimination of major oncogenic HPV types

  • Prof. Matti Lehtinen: Community-randomized trial on the impact of different HPV vaccination strategies – An ancillary study on herd effect gained by gender-neutral strategy (Video)
  • Dr. David Mesher: Systematic review of studies on type-replacement (Video)
  • Dr. Iacopo Baussano: Elimination of HPV from different countries (Video)
  • Prof. Simopekka Vänskä:  Impact of HPV elimination ( Video )
  • Prof. Eduardo L. Franco: Risk Thresholds for Deciding When to Stop Screening in the Post-Vaccination Era (Video)

Understanding the biology of prophylactic HPV vaccination

  • Prof. Margaret Stanley: Infection and vaccine induced HPV immune responses (Video)
  • Prof. Joakim Dilner: How do HPV vaccines protect? (Video)
  • Prof. Michael Pawlita: HPV-vaccine induced antibody response after 3, 2 and 1 dose (Video)

Elimination of HPV-associated cancers

  • Prof. Peter JF Snijders: HPV self-sampling ( Video )
  • Prof Pekka Nieminen: Screening of HPV vaccinated women ( Video )
  • Prof. F Xavier Bosch: Controlling cervical cancer in Europe (Video)
  • Dr. Silvia Franceschi: Elimination of cervical cancer from developing countries (Video)
  • Prof. Mark Jit: Cost-effectiveness of elimination of HPV-related cancers (Video)