STUE method clinic on 4.5.2022: Welcome to play Kompensaatiopeli – The offsetting game!

Welcome to play the offsetting game on 4.5.2022!

Welcome to play Kompensaatiopeli - The offsetting game in STUE method clinic gaming workshop on Wednesday 4.5.2022 at 12.30-16.00! The session will be held F2F in Linna building, room K113 (Kalevantie 5, Tampere). Kompensaatiopeli is a tabletop game developed by Tampere University researchers to simulate and understand biodiversity offsetting. In Kompensaatiopeli two teams of players, conservationists and developers, compete against each other. The gaming takes about 2 hours, and it is followed by a debriefing discussion.

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Before attending the workshop, please get acquainted with the game by watching this tutorial video (subtitled in English and Finnish), so that we can use more time on playing and discussions and less on explaining the rules: . However it is not required to memorize the rules in advance!

If there are more than 7 players, we can divide into two groups. Please note that one group (constisting mainly of STUE researchers) is being filmed for the purposes of giving a lecture on analysing such video data in other method clinic session on 20.5.2022 at 9.30-14.30 (more information about this session coming soon). The video is not used for other purposes. If the other group has only Finnish speaking players, it is possible to play the game also in Finnish.

Refreshments are being served for all participants of the gaming workshop!

The game project website has more information  about the game and the project:

More information:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, one of the developers of the game Nina Nygren,
Research Coordinator Alisa Vänttinen,