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The RUOKO-project develops sustainable packaging and transport solutions, where smart features, food safety and functional materials are considered. These solutions are based on the circular economy, which are used in the transport of take away -meals.


Sustainable and intelligent food delivery

The goal of the RUOKO project is to help consumers sort and recycle empty take away -packaging correctly, and to increase the recycling rate of households.

Different kind of small and medium enterprises (SME) from the food, packaging ang logistics sectors are involved in the project. Our goal is to develop cooperative activities in Pirkanmaa region and create a RUOKO-ecosystem which contributes to achieving carbon neutrality. We develop the packaging solution taking into account both ecology and economy.


The environmental impact of take-away food can be reduced with the help of new packaging and recycling solutions

The RUOKO project of Tampere University of Applied Science’s and Tampere University’s aims to develop environmentally friendly packaging materials and new recycling solutions for take-away food packages through extensive cooperation.

The projects’s energy and cost-effective operating models will help:

  • Tourism industry
  • Restaurant industry
  • Logistics industry and
  • Design industry companies


  • Packaging material suppliers
  • Breeders of packaging materials and
  • Service providers

in sudden changes in the operating environment caused by Covid19.


The goal

In the project, the goal is to find material and packaging solutions based on the circular economy that work for the consumer, improve the user-friendliness of smart features, make self-monitoring easier, find out user-friendliness, ecology and economy of the solutions, and develop cooperation activities related to the topic in the Pirkanmaa area.

Measures include e.g. material research, data collection using smart features, survey of the usefulness of smart features, evaluation of solutions from the perspective of food safety, usability, carbon footprint and costs, as well as workshops and seminars for companies in the SME sector.

The results are…

  • consumer-friendly and cost-effective packaging solution
  • an increase in the sorting percentage of households
  • an understanding of the safety and usability of solutions
  • a roadmap (of ecologically and economically sustainable, user-friendly packaging and transport solutions)
  • the RUOKO ecosystem, which contributes to achieving carbon neutrality.


Pirkanmaa association – Sustainable growth and work 2014-2020 Finnish structural fund program