Materials and results

This page presents materials and results created during the project.

Reimagining Higher Education: Case Studies on Designing for Inclusion, Equity, and Access in the BUKA Project

The aim of the international, Erasmus+ funded BUKA project was to facilitate advances in designing and implementing high quality online and hybrid learning in order to increase access and equity in higher education. Partner Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Finland and Ireland worked together to design, develop, implement, and evaluate pilot interventions that sought to help build institutional capacity in providing impactful, high quality online and hybrid study programmes in different higher education contexts. The examples shared in the chapters below are based on research, experience, and best practices learned through the pilot interventions at the partner HEIs, written up here as case studies.

BUKA Conference Abstracts

The BUKA Conference 2023 on “Advancing Equity and Access to Higher Education Through Open and Distance Learning” was held on October 17-18, 2023, at the Wawasan Open University in Penang, Malaysia. The conference brought together researchers, educators, and practitioners in open and distance learning to discuss innovative solutions to current challenges in promoting equity and access to higher education through technology-enabled learning.

Conference abstracts

Laboratories established and equipment installed

A full report on established laboratories and equipment in the project

Universitas Terbuka installing the UT Akses hotspot technology in a remote school.

BUKA Presentations

Online Seminar 15 October, 2020

  1. Marko Teräs, TAMK. Introduction. 00:00.
  2. Hanna Teräs, TAMK. Learning design and learning analytics in distance learning. 00:12:20.
  3. Sami Suhonen, TAMK. Using Moodle data for early warning of dropping out. 00:36:00.
  4. Henri Annala, TAMK. Lessons learned from instructional design when jumping to fully online learning during COVID-19. 00:50:10.
  5. James Brunton & Orna Farrell, DCU. Professional Development for part-time, online adjunct faculty. 01:15:10.
    Discussion. 01:45:50

Online Seminar 21 November, 2020

  1. Dr Marko Teräs, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). Introduction. 00:00:00.
  2. Teija Lehto, TAMK. European Maturity Model for Blended Education. 00:06:55.
  3. Prof Patricia Arinto, UPOU. Open university of the Philippines, BUKA Pilot Project. 01:01:30
  4. Prof Amelia Buan, MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology. BUKA Implementation. 01:30:45

Online Seminar 9 December, 2020

  1. Dr Marko Teräs, TAMK. Introduction. 00:00:00.
  2. Prof Daryono, Universitas Terbuka (UT). Learning Clinic: Enhancing Equitable Access to Student support Services. 00:05:50.
  3. Prof Ananda Putra and the team from Universitas Negeri Padang. UNP’s Pilot project. 00:20:00.
  4. Dr Orna Farrell, Ms Edel Gallagher and Mr Matthew Waters, DCU. The ABC model presentation. Learning design in a hurry: Designing for online during the time of Covid-19. 00:36:20.
  5. Discussion 01:30:00

Online Seminar 20 January, 2021

  1. Project manager Paula Ranne, TAMK. Introduction. 00:00:00
  2. Senior lecturer and digimentor Henri Annala, TAMK. How to design an online course – Staff training in designing open and distance learning. 00:01:46
  3. Dr Thirumeni T Subramaniam, OUM. Advancing equity and access to higher education through open and distance learning @ BUKA: A pilot project at Open University Malaysia. 00:48:35
  4. Dr Prakash V Arumugam, WOU. Advancing equity and access to higher education through open and distance learning. 01:09:58

Online Seminar 3 February, 2021

  1. Mr Henri Annala, TAMK. Introduction. 00:00:00
  2. Dr Hanna Teräs, TAMK. Learning design for authentic online learning. 00:01:28
  3. Ms Teija Lehto, TAMK. Introduction to the Digma learning management system. 00:48:59

Online Seminar 19 May, 2021

  1. Ms Paula Ranne, TAMK. Introduction
  2. Hanna Teräs & Henri Annala, TAMK. Inclusive learning design.

Online Seminar 10 June, 2021

  1. Marianna Leikomaa, MA, Senior Lecturer at TAMK: Engaging video lectures. 00:03:10
  2. Elina Östring, MHSc (Ergonomics), Senior Specialist at Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH): Cognitive ergonomy. 00:19:30
    Chairs: Ms Paula Ranne, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), and Dr. James Brunton, Dublin City University (DCU).

Introducing the ABC learning design

Dr. Clare Gormley, DCU.

Online seminar and project meeting 1 June, 2022

  1. Chair Hanna Teräs, TAMK: Welcome
  2. Thirumeni T. Subramaniam, OUM. 00:01:35
  3. Prakash V. Arumugam, WOU. 00:17:55
  4. Daryono Daryono, UT. 00:31:00
  5. Ananda Putra, UNP. 00:44:40
  6. Patricia Arinto and Ria Borromeo, UP Open University. 1:00:00
  7. Amy Buan, MSU-IIT. 1:12:00

Meetings and seminars

Tampere September 2022

Dublin October 2022

Tampere&Dublin summary

BUKA Project Philippines

Malaysia March 2023

Agenda BUKA Meeting-Padang

UT-BUKA Meeting Agenda 11-14 June 2023



External evaluation reports

Interim report

Final report