Urban Research Afternoon on 15.9. – Sign up by 8.9.!

City scenery from Tampere.

Welcome to Urban Research Afternoon on 15.9. at 13.00! Come to meet fellow researchers and discuss current issues around urban sustainability research. The event is free and open for all interested researchers at Tampere Uni. 

Time: 15.9.2023 at 13-15 + afterwork mingling
Location: Lyhty-building (located on the patio of Main building, City Centre Campus)
Registration: Save the date & sign up for refreshments by 8.9.: https://forms.office.com/e/0QExjSL2Zm

We will begin with coffee at 13.00, and hear & discuss about future activities and current issues, including upcoming articles that present state-of-the-art of research on sustainable transformation of urban environments done in Tampere University (see more info below). Please bring up other current topics for discussion in the sign up form. Approximately at 15 onwards it is time for free afterwork mingling.

The event is organised by STUE profiling area and TURNS research network.

About the state-of-the-art articles:

We will conduct a series of articles that present state of the art of research on sustainable transformation of urban environments done in Tampere University. The articles will be about 3-5 pages long and will be published in Alusta, an e-publication based in Tampere University. Each article will address important theme for research done in Tampere Uni on this area. The aim is to showcase research done thus far (“presenting what we know” in easily accessible package) as well as what is investigated now & what calls for further research/has not yet been addressed but should be. The aim is that the texts would be interdisciplinary when possible, bringing together knowledge and key findings from key researchers & projects working on the theme in TUNI. The themes (below) were formed in Urban Research Afternoon that was held on 29.3.2023.

Themes and leading authors (some further themes might come up for the series; we will let you know if this happens)

1) Sustainable wellbeing; scales of approaching sustainability. Leading authors: Jonathon Taylor and Juha Vinha

2) City taking care of us, leading author: Johanna Kujala

3) Sustainable care/health in cities, leading author: Anna Rajala

4) Alternative economics, leading authors: Ilona Steiler, Mio Reilin

5) What do we mean with sustainable transformation?, leading authors: Alisa Vänttinen, Liisa Häikiö

6) Systemic change/ecological transformation from sustainable city perspective ( city planning), leading author: Markus Laine

Please contact the leading author(s) if you want to make contribution and if your research should be integrated within the theme.