Open seminar: Healthy Prisons, Sustainable Lebanon on 23 April

Tampere University campus.
Picture: Reetta Oittinen Tampere University

Welcome to Space and Political Agency Research Group open seminar "Healthy Prisons, Sustainable Lebanon" with Yasmine Fakhry from University of East London. The event takes place on Tuesday 23 April at 12.15-13.45 in Pinni A3112. It is open for all interested.

Space and Political Agency Research Group (SPARG) is hosting a research visit from Yasmine Fakhry from the University of East London 23.-24.4.2024. On Tuesday 23 April Fakhry will present her doctoral research, in which she investigates access to health in Lebanese prisons, as part of the SPARG seminar series.

Prisons, as complex and often starkly controlled environments, offer a fascinating case study for exploring the intertwined nature of spatial orderings and imaginaries. The physical design of a prison directly embodies power dynamics and control mechanisms. It dictates movement, interactions, and access to health resources, shaping the lived experience of inmates in terms of health and well-being. Past colonial practices continue to influence healthcare access and quality within the prison system and ongoing crises and conflicts in Lebanon affect resource allocation. Focusing on prisons system as part of the outer community and systems is important to sustain life for the whole society. One of the key success pillars is ensuring social sustainability through the creation of inclusive and just societies. It involves addressing issues like poverty, inequality, and accessibility, and promoting social cohesion, participation, and well-being for all residents. Implementing sustainable practices within Lebanese prisons will improve health outcomes for inmates and contribute to their successful reintegration into society.

Fakhry will also and deliver a guest lecture as part of the Decentering the Global (HAL.YPAT.341-2023-2024) course 24 April 2-4 in Pinni A2100 Paavo Koli lecture hall.

Both events are open to all TUNI staff and students and enrolment for the course is available through Moodle. These events are sponsored by STUE Action Grant.

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