Looking for knowledge? – Speed dating with researchers at Nokia Arena on 1.10.!

Speed Dating on 1.10.

Do you have questions about sustainability in cities? Do you have an idea you would like to discuss with experts? Come share your ideas and learn by speed dating with Tampere University researchers! 

You will have the unique opportunity to exchange ideas with several researchers that are experts in different aspects of sustainability and cities, discussing questions that you find interesting. After speed dates you can continue intriguing conversations over a cup of coffee and snacks.

The event is organized by Tampere University researchers as part of the Tampere Day celebrations and Researchers Night. There is room for 30 people and places are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so please come on time. We are looking forward to meeting you at Nokia Arena!

Date and time: 1.10.2022 at 13–15
Place: Nokia Arena, room Paidia (Kansikatu 3, Tampere). You can find route to Paidia via Nokia Arena main A-doors, then go through the gates on your left and via escalators to 3rd floor.

This is how speed dating works

Researchers and participants circulate, meeting each other over a series of short “dates”, lasting 5 minutes each. This way, you get to ask questions and discuss with approx. nine researchers. During the conversations you can take notes and exchange contact information.

After speed dating, we will serve coffee, tea and snacks. Everyone can share insights gained during speed dating in a brief summary session. The artist Salla Lehtipuu will draw a picture presenting these insights as a memory for us all. There will also be time for mingling and continuing interesting conversations with researchers and other participants.

More information: alisa.vanttinen@tuni.fi, tel. +358 50 479 3216

Check out researchers coming to speed date

Below some of the researchers attending, there are still more to come! If you are a researcher and would like to join the speed dating event, please sign up here: https://forms.office.com/r/tt7vdN7JGY

Jonathon Taylor

Jonathon Taylor, Associate Professor

I use mathematical models to understand how to design urban areas that are energy efficient, comfortable, and healthy for the residents, now and in the future. I specialise in heat, air pollution, and flooding but my field also includes noise pollution, wind, and light for example. Imagine the original Sim City game, but with information on real buildings, residents, and hazards.

Patricia Donahue

Patricia Donahue, Fullbright Scholar

My research focuses on how and why people participate in their community. Gathering this information can help us create better policies and programs, and help us improve democracy.


Ebru Sevik.

Ebru Sevik, Doctoral Researcher

My research investigates the dynamics of coexistence in socially diverse urban neighborhoods, how people live with differences and negotiate conflict in the everyday life.



Antti Wallin

Antti Wallin, Postdoctoral Researcher

I study the city from a human perspective. I am interested in how to make cities ecologically and socially sustainable.



Liisa Häikiö.

Liisa Häikiö, Professor of social policy

I am interested in the contradictions of sustainable development and people’s participation in the change of society.



Mohamed Elsayed, Doctoral ResearcherMohamed Elsayed

I study residential buildings evaluation in terms of energy consumption, occupants’ satisfaction, indoor air quality, and health and well-being conditions.



Marko Seppänen

Marko Seppänen, Professor of industrial management

I study the construction and management of ecosystems. Examining questions such as: How do ecosystems differ from networks? Why do complex problems call for different kind of organization? Why don’t leaders come up with solutions to large or smaller environmental problems?

Virve Repo

Virve Repo, Postdoctoral Researcher

I have studied institutional care for the elderlly. Currently I’m researching age-friendliness in the suburbs.



Lauri Lahikainen

Lauri Lahikainen, Postdoctoral Researcher

I have studied what we should do and how we can live in climate emergency. My current research interests include the cities and municipalities as bearers of climate responsibility, the concept of a climate emergency itself, and the idea of ​​an eco-social social contract.


Sofie Pelsmakers.

Sofie Pelsmakers, Associate Professor

I study sustainable housing design, including design of adaptable, low energy and inclusive homes and living environments.



Kaija Puura

Kaija Puura, Professor of Child Psychiatry

Currently I am doing research on the possibilities of social robotics and virtual reality in supporting children’s emotional developmen in early education and in treatment of child and adolescent psychiatric symptoms and pain.


Kaisa Kurkela

Kaisa Kurkela, Researcher

I study democracy at the municipal level. I am particularly interested in what the breakdown of democracy and the related increase in citizen participation require from the municipality and how the municipality should change.


Jarkko Salminen

Jarkko Salminen, Doctoral Researcher

I study what makes suburbs a good place to live and how people make the city a common place despite various controversies. In addition, I research people’s well-being and mental health from a societal perspective.


Ilona Steiler

Ilona Steiler, Postdoctoral Researcher

My research areas are new forms of working and of regulating work, global flows of labour, services and goods, and sustainable development.



Päivi Kymäläinen

Päivi Kymäläinen, Associate Professor

I study cities and how urban development and policy can prevent or promote people’s participation in their everyday lives. I am also interested in neighborhood life and the uses of public spaces (such as squares, streets and parks) that are important to the residents.


Raul Castano De la Rosa

Raul Castano De la Rosa, Postdoctoral Researcher

I study how to develop a more resilient built environment to, for instance, climate crisis, pandemic, energy shortage. I am currently building a Resilient Community network of citizens, universities, industry and policymakers. Join us to create a better and more inclusive society!


Alp Aydin

Alp Aydin, Research Intern

I study physics; virtual and augmented reality.