Pilots provide a testbed for the Open Digital Badge constellation and learning modules designed in WP4 and WP3. Each partner country runs pilots individually in their own teacher educational context. Some are performed as part of initial teacher training and other as in service training. This way we study how well the badges suit to different contexts. The pilots are organized in 2024.

Here you can find more information about local pilots.


The three Finnish pilots are situated in the contexts of Professional Teacher Education and Vocational Education and Training. One of the pilots is organized in co-operation with Tredu Vocational College at Tampere as in-service coaching programme, one consists of individual learning paths with workshops for the teaching staff of Tampere University of Applied Sciences and one is an online course for students in Professional Teacher Education in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Read more about Finnish pilots in Finnish.

You will soon find additional information about other partner country pilots, stay tuned!