Human figures sitting on honey comb shapes.

We focus on sustainability competences of teachers

We strenghten the European dimension of teacher education via Digital Open Badges as means of performing, acknowledging, documenting and transferring the competencies as microcredentials.

Project illustration by Ester Tajrychová.

Teachers are active change makers in the ecological transition

EduSTA brings together five teacher education institutions around Europe (Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, the Czech Republic). Together we will develop a close network with a strong commitment towards educating teachers who are willing, able and competent to transform educational practices and policy to meet the sustainability challenges. We encourage teachers to be ready to combine innovative approaches to use digitalisation to strengthen European dimension and possibilities to acknowledge prior learning in teacher education.

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Funded by

The project is funded by the European Commission from Erasmus+ Teachers Academies action which supports the development of teacher education in European cooperation.