Podcast on Digital Badges Academy for Sustainable Future Educators

Finnish expert on micro-credentials, Dr. Sanna Ruhalahti from Tampere University of Applied Sciences). Photo: Amanda Aho

EduSTA consortium recommends listening to a podcast interview of Liisa Uusimäki (University of Gothenburg) with a Finnish expert on micro-credentials, Dr. Sanna Ruhalahti (Tampere University of Applied Sciences). 

For this episode of the channel “Sånt är livet i Sverige” or “That’s life in Sweden!” Liisa Uusimaki invited Sanna Ruhalahti, a Finnish Teacher Educator and senior designer of Open Digital Badges in a European project titled “Academy for Sustainable Future Educators” (EduSTA).

Sanna shares her thoughts about future teacher skills, international collaboration, and the importance of digitalization. She also shares her thoughts about the war in Ukraine and its impact on students.

You can listen the 30 min+ podcast on luusimaki.podbean.com.

Sanna Ruhalahti: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sannaruhalahti



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Photo: Amanda Aho