DigiCare Transnational Meeting in Hanoi - The literature review process launched to full speed

Hanoi street view
The consortium got opportunity to enjoy Vietnamese new year preparations

Even if the consortium meets regularly online, these few days together physically are valuable for the cooperation and smooth application of the project.

The second transnational meeting, held in Hanoi in the beginning of January 2020, was very fruitful, clearing the next steps and targets and equipping with necessary knowledge about the process and how to reach the aims. Also, one essential part of the face-to-face meetings is partners getting to know each other, which again builds trust and facilitates openness and cooperation. The common understanding is growing about how this group works together towards the common goals, and how it benefits from the variety of expertise and talents within the consortium. Everybody’s special knowledge and expertise is appreciated and the opportunity to exchange knowledge is forming base to effective consortium work.

Hanoi Medical College
Hanoi Medical College served the meeting as excellent hosts

Teams in different universities had worked on getting the overall picture on the related research literature in digitalization of patient coaching and self-management support. Preliminary literature searches were done carefully and provided wide foundation for literature review topics. Based on this broad picture, more specific literature review search questions were divided between partners.The discussion flew lively and preferences regarding the literature review topics were expressed.

Search strategies were developed in cooperation within workshops and instrumental information on how to define suitable research questions were discussed among consortium members. The work ahead started to form into the practical tasks and new competencies were achieved.



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