Transnational Meeting in Coimbra - Working Together and Enjoying a Surprise Birthday Cake

The 3rd Transnational Meeting was organized in Portugal and hosted by our partners from ESEnfC - Nursing School of Coimbra. The continuation of the work with literature reviews was in the agenda and quite a few surprises for us all. The ESEnfC team really set the bar high.

The beautiful city of Coimbra and our partners in Nursing School of Coimbra welcomed us warmly and with an action packed welcome celebration. Nursing students had prepared a speedy and artistic welcome party full of music and dancing presentations. What a way to start our transnational meeting.

One of the main topic in the agenda, was the work with literature reviews. Topics and research questions had been discussed in Hanoi meeting in January and further workshops were organized in Coimbra.

Working together in own university teams with facilitation from European partners supported the progress of literature review process. The data extraction and analysis were on the way and one-to-one meeting were agreed upon.


Also, the SEPSS36 and the TAM questionnaires were introduced by Coimbra team and valuable instructions were presented for all partners. An opportunity to evaluate he project impact was set in motion.

Hard work requires balancing activities and what would be better than to acknowledge a birthday of Dr. Truong, Hanoi Medical University. A well planned surprise, not to mention sweet surprise cake.

The DigiCare consortium achieved a lot during our Coimbra transnational meeting and this is a great situation to continue our work until the next meeting. See you all online next month in our online consortium meeting!


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