DigiCare Model Webinar - Online Working Capacity Building

Model designing of our main output DigiCare Model is proving to be challenging but innovating. Performing creative and innovative group work in online environment is certainly one factor we all remember from the time of COVID-19 pandemic. The silver lining of this time is the famous digi leap and immense upskill of capacity.

The DigiCare Model is one of our main outputs in the DigiCare project. The general model which encloses competencies needed in coaching of patients with chronic conditions in digital environments or with digital equipment. The integration of technology, digital skills, competency of couching and sound theoretical foundation in one illustrative and narrative model is a task which has evoked various expertise in DigiCare consortium. We all bring our perspectives, expertise and experience into the design process and at present, we are functioning online.

Our consortium has from the very beginning organized monthly online meetings in Zoom. Consequently, the capacity and competency to be involved in different online activities have grown. Activities in break out rooms are useful while small groups need to work together and brains storm or collect ideas to virtual boards (e.g., Flinga, Padlet) or work on the shared documents together. Presenting online is no more a reason for any kind of hesitation or uncertainty.

This digital capacity has proved to be in the center of skills when designing process of DigiCare model is ongoing online. The process is progressing well and new perspectives and some synthesis as well as areas of consensus have been reached. On the other hand, we do wish to have an opportunity to a friendly challenge among the model designs in our next face-to-face meeting. Whenever that will happen.

However, for the time being we will continue our work online, share ideas and provide comments to our colleagues in the lead organization Hanoi Medical University. The illustration of the draft version 2 looks already quite speedy, doesn’t it.



We can proudly say that our DigiCare members have gained and speed together both the design of the model and their digital competency. This level of competency can be directly transferred to education and clinical surroundings. Hence, the time spent in multiple online activities is time well spent.


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