Push for the Pilots - Partners' Momentum

The content and structure of pilots 2 and 3 has been planned and conducted. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic is still causing challenges, our partners in Bangladesh and Vietnam manage to start pilot rounds with teachers and students.

Piloting sections of the DigiCare Model is a huge step forward in DigiCare project. The burden and clinical obligations COVID-19 has caused to our partner universities is immense but still they manage to start piloting cycles which are focused on nursing and healthcare teachers and students. Piloting phase integrated with the SEPSS36 and the TAM questionnaires pre and post pilot cycles are demanding tasks which contribute greatly to the development of the DigiCare Model.

The core group of teachers have been trained in the online webinars and the time to extend their new knowledge and skills to their colleagues has arrived.

Each partner university will organize training of teachers before starting the pilot cycles with students. After the teacher training is completed, students will receive theoretical education of foundational concepts related to DigiCare Model (e.g., professional communications, salutogenesis) and couching models and their implementation in clinical environment (Grow and 5A’s). Practical training sessions will follow theoretical education and students have an opportunity to train couching in small groups.

Training the trainers and students on concepts very unfamiliar in their healthcare environment is an opening for future self-management competencies for citizens with chronic conditions. But before this can be reached, each partner university must proactively plan and schedule their own pilots. The gentle nudge has been delivered to the partners and we have full trust on the successful execution.



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