Piloting DigiCare Asia Model in Good Speed

teacher training

Teachers are trained locally to use and teach digital coaching. At the moment, next steps to pilot with student groups are taken.

Covid-19 pandemic has caused pilot cycles to delay some months but now the teacher trainings have been organized in partner institutions and plans and preparations made to next expose student groups to the coaching methods and use of digital technology in patient guidance. After theoretical background the pilot participants simulate the coaching session in small groups, trying out both patient’s and coaches’ roles.  First universities have been able to proceed to pilots with students and the first impressions are encouraging. All participants are asked to fill an anonymous feedback form, which will be analyzed for further development of the model.teacher training

Coaching patients for self-management calls for new approach in patient – health professional relationship. First, clarifications with the meaning of the terms are needed. For example, Bangladeshi partners explained that in their context ‘coaching’ is associated with private tutoring lessons offered by different teacher trainingeducation businesses.

Even though pandemic situation has set many challenges and hindrances in pilotings, it has created new needs for applying distance patient coaching. In Vietnam one partner university has cooperated with government project to develop home based management of covid-patients, integrating patient guidance and monitoring.


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