Yelyzaveta (Lisa) Glybchenko

YDIN 20221111 HELSINKI Ukrainalainen Lisa Glybchenko tekee väitöskirjaa Tampereen yliopistossa. Kuva Pekka Elomaa.

Yelyzaveta (Lisa) Glybchenko is a doctoral researcher, (social) entrepreneur, facilitator and artist working in her PhD project “Visual Peacetech: Digital Visual Images as Security-Building Tools” at Tampere University, Finland. In her research efforts, Lisa explores digital visuality of security/peace, VR as a tool of digital diplomacy and peacebuilding, AR technologies as  tools for implementing peaceful futures, Internet governance and ex-/in-clusion within digital peace design. A strong emphasis of this research is on supporting Ukraine, Lisa’s home country, and building peace in non-colonial ways there – peace as Ukrainians see it. As such, the project is a strong force for de-colonization and de-weaponization of the very fields of peace/security-building and peace/security-research/studies (weaponization of these fields means that colonial and badly designed peace practices become instruments of war and otherwise foster war).

Lisa also collaborated with the international arts-based research project Changing The Story, based in the University of Leeds, U.K., where she mentored members of the Youth Research Board, created a coloring book / exhibition and received a mobility fund to create video art “Searching for peace: art, genocide and memory in 2022 Ukraine and 1992-1995 Bosnia and Herzegovina”. Lisa’s research is inspired by her peacebuilding work, in particular the peacebuilding startup she founded in 2016 – Color Up Peace. Within it and on the basis of her PhD, Lisa has conducted multiple initiatives to support Ukrainians in Ukraine, Finland and Iceland, as well as internationally.

Lisa has been a visiting scholar at the peace and security think tank SaferGlobe, Finland, working on topics of peace technologies (2022-2023). Currently, she is a visiting research fellow at the War Studies Department at King’s College London (2023-2024).

Lisa presenting her research and artistic work in a panel discussion at the 2023 Imagine Forum in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Lisa presenting her research and artistic work in a panel discussion at the 2023 Imagine Forum in Reykjavik, Iceland. Friðarráðstefna í Hörpu 10 – 11 október. Image credits: Imagine Forum staff.
As part of this research, Lisa completed additional training in the form of:
  1. Digital Methods Summer School, The Digital Methods Initiative (Internet Studies) University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2021).
  2. Mixed and Merged Methods, Summer School for PhD Candidates, University of Oslo, Norway (2021).
  3. Introduction to Design Thinking: Understanding Creativity and Applying innovation in Real Life, summer school Aarhus Summer University, Denmark (2021).
  4. Learning from Jerusalem/Al-Quds: Conflict, Negotiation, and the Politics of Infrastructure in the City, summer school at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Israel and Palestine (2021).
  5. Course Storytelling with Photography: How to Change the Future, Photograph by Photograph, Robert Golden Workshops, (2021). 
  6. Course Approaches to Scientific Futures Research, University of Turku, Finland (2021).
  7. Special course in futures studies: Imagination in Environmental Politics, University of Helsinki, Finland (2022).
  8. Integrated Data Analytics for Sustaining Peace Boot Camp (data science, data visualization), the United Nations System Staff College and Build Up (2023).
  9. Front-End Development, intensive course at Projector Creative & Tech Online Institute, Ukraine (2023)
  10. Game design workshop Radical Alternate Futurescoping: Solarpunk vs Grimdark, during the 2023 international tech conference Mindtrek, Finland (2023).
  11. Workshop Augmented Humans: Tiny Robots Design Game for Co-Creating AI Systems, during the 2023 international tech conference Mindtrek, Finland (2023).
Lisa doing a 1-hour-long multimedia presentation of her Ph.D. project during the 2022 IVLA annual conference. Photo credits: IVLA staff.
Lisa presented (parts of) Visual PeaceTech at the following events/conferences/fora:
  1. American University in Bulgaria, Bulgaria – AUBG30 conference (2021).
  2. Umea University, Sweden – Peace Research in Sweden PhD Conference (2021).
  3. University of Queensland, Australia – Visual Politics Work-in-Progress Forum (2021).
  4. FISA conference, Finland (2022).
  5. Tampere University, Finland – EuPRA conference (2022).
  6. University of Jyväskylä, Finland – IVLA conference (2022).
  7. IVSA conference (2022).
  8. Build Peace conference, Germany (2022).
  9. Association of Narrative Research and Practice seminar (2022).
  10. Kisiinhallinta NYT, Finland (2022).
  11. EUI School of Transnational Governance, Global Peacetech Hub Conference, Italy (2022).
  12. Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks HNPW2023, part of the panel “The role of digitalisation in emergency response and post-war recovery”, organized by the Finnish delegation and Partners (2023).
  13. The Imagine Forum: Nordic Solidarity for Peace, Iceland (2023).
  14.  Åland Islands Institute of Peace, Åland Islands, Finland (2023).
  15. Internet Governance Forum – Youth, Ukraine (2023).
  16. Peace Research in Sweden (PRIS) biannual PhD conference, Sweden (2023).
  17. Nordic International Studies Association Symposium” The European Security Order Following Russia’s War in Ukraine”, Denmark (2023).