Digital Visuality

Digital visual transformation of images by Lisa Glybchenko, concept as in Color Up Peace.

In this research stream, Lisa Glybchenko investigates the potential of designing digital image transformation processes to provide opportunities for participants to collectively imagine and negotiate peace arrangements, which can be later extrapolated into lived everyday realities. You can read Lisa’s research essay – “Coloring outside the lines? Imaginary reconstitution of security in Yemen through image transformations” – that belongs to this research stream here as well as check out the quoted abstract below.

“Inspired by new—forming in 2020—hopes for security and peace in Yemen, this essay explores the potential of digital image transformations for further empowerment of local actors already working for security and peace as well as bringing grassroots solutions into spotlight and into being. The essay analyzes the artistic transformation of a series of photographs submitted by a Yemeni citizen to the informal art-for-peace project Color Up Peace and turned into coloring pages for further engagement and transformation. Employing the utopia-informed methodology of Imaginary Reconstitution of Security, the analysis explores coloring pages as fields of opportunity to facilitate participation in peacework. Three questions guide this exploration: “what are visual images?,” “what do they do?” and “what is the normative basis of employing them?”—in relation to security as part of sustaining quality peace. The essay seeks to emphasize the importance of inclusive peace processes and arrangements, informed by everyday experiences of (in)security/(non)peace of regular citizens and allowing for a wide range of actors to participate. The included virtual exhibition of photographs, coloring pages and colored art further asks questions about participation, visuality and digitality of images and invites readers to make art and make peace within the project.” (Glybchenko, 2022)

You can find the virtual exhibition “Imaginary Reconstitution of Security in Yemen: Making Art and Making Peace Together” here.

Screenshot of the exhibition “Imaginary Reconstitution of Security in Yemen: Making Art and Making Peace Together”.
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Yelyzaveta Glybchenko