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Media Arts For Peace – Color Up Peace Virtual Workshops

This is Lisa Glybchenko’s 2022 collaboration with the online education platform Claned to support war-affected Ukrainians and people of other backgrounds who suffer from armed violence. This virtual workshop series is based on the in-person workshops which Lisa conducted for Ukrainians in Tampere, as well as the wider community in Tampere, in June-December 2022. 

This online media art-for-peace experience is available in English and Ukrainian! It is meant both as support and as a self-standing program for people around the world who have been affected by the current war against Ukraine (and other wars too), and for people who would like to connect and build communities around peace- and art-values. In the virtual experience, you can learn more about digital art-making as a peacebuilding tool, video-making for peace, VR technologies for artistic change-making and a very special image-transformation project about Ukraine, its people, freedom and peace. 

If you are interested yourself, if you know who can be interested – please join by registering here, and you will receive an invite to your email.

Participation in teaching at Stockton University, U.S.A., course “Web Tools for Global Learning”, Fall 2022

Lisa Glybchenko recorded a presentation video of Visual Peacetech for the students of the course and provided links to different digital products she created within Visual Peacetech and Color Up Peace, as well as some previous collaborative projects. In the gallery below, you can see feedback by some of the students.

Teaching at Tampere University 

In 2021 and in 2022, Lisa Glybchenko co-designed and co-taught the course “Experimenting with Digital Visuality of Peace and Security” together with R.S. Andersen.

Yelyzaveta Glybchenko