Funding and Awards

This project has received the following awards: 

  • 2023 Creative Achievement Award, International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA), awarded to Lisa Glybchenko. Award Description: “This award is given to members of the Association actively involved in on-going creative work which substantially furthers the cause of visual literacy and significantly advances the creative field through such factors as innovation, conceptual breakthrough, excellence of design and execution, and technical achievement” (IVLA, 2023). See IVLA’s press release here. Watch Lisa’s award speech, which was screened during the IVLA’s 55th annual conference at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A., here:
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Play video on YouTube (opens in new tab)

  • 2022 HUBS Entrepreneurship Scholarship, HUBS, Tampere University, awarded to Lisa Glybchenko. Read more about the scholarship experience here.
  • 2021 Norsec Writing Competition Winner, YATA-Norway, awarded to Lisa Glybchenko. Read Lisa’s winning essay here.

In other recognition, The work of this project and Lisa’s practitioner peacebuilding work have been recognized as the finalists of the 2023 Youth Carnegie Peace Prize (Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace, see press release below) and the finalist of the 2023 Prize for Transformative Futures in Peace and Security (Geneva Center of Security Policy). Other initiatives ended up winning the competitions, but these are stile noteworthy results. Moreover, for the work that is at the basis of this Ph.D., Lisa Glybchenko was selected as a Council of Europe youth delegate to the 2023 World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, France.

Results Statement

This project has received the following funding: