Safety Performance Measurement Maturity Analysis

Safety Performance Maturity Model.


A new evaluation model for determining the status of the safety performance measurement.

A survey-based assessment consists of three different components: 1) measurement practices, 2) commitment and culture related to measurement, and 3) the use of measurement data, all three of which have been found to correlate with the safety performance of the organization.

The survey questions are evaluated with a four-level response scale with written explanations, the first describing the undeveloped level and the last the well-developed, sophisticated level.

How to apply:

Use the survey organization-wide as an intial assessment to determine the adequacy of current safety practices and potential development needs, and thus better target resources to relevant targets.

  •  Detect easily the organization’s weaknesses and strengths and use the information to develop these further
  • The written evaluation criteria of the questions give directions on how each of the aspects could be improved.


Use the survey to guide the consequent development work by regularly review the effectiveness of the development measures taken.

Other uses of the analysis include using the model for benchmarking purposes; using it as a leading indicator; or using the model to support stakeholders, such as OHS and safety authorities, insurance companies, stockholders and customers, by giving a more holistic and transparent view of the level of occupational safety performance in industrial companies.


The tool does not necessarily need to be applied as a wide-scale survey. It may also be used to structure small-group discussions on the status and development needs of safety performance measurement. For example, the follow-up after a large-scale survey may be conducted through group discussions in suitable workshops or meetings.


Maturity models have been presented in many different fields of management, but such models for measuring safety performance cannot be identified.

The maturity model has also been utilized in safety research, but the majority of safety maturity models focus only on measuring safety culture. Thus, the existing models pay little attention to the role of numerical information, which was intended to be highlighted in this new model.

This new maturity model created as a part of the SafePotential project was developed by merging the best practices from previous maturity models of performance measurement and safety management. The model was tested with the four case organizations of the project for validity, reliability, relevancy, and practicality.

More on Jääskeläinen, A, Tappura, S., Pirhonen, J. (2019). Maturity analysis of safety performance measurement. In: Ahram, T. et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Human Systems Engineering and Design II (IHSED2019): Future Trends and Applications. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 1026. Springer, Cham, pp. 529-535.

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