Safety Culture Maturity Analysis


The safety culture maturity model is a survey questionnaire which enables to form an overall safety culture maturity score for an organisation based on the responses gathered.

The model explores safety culture through the following safety culture dimensions: 1) communication, 2) training, 3) organisational learning, 4) management commitment, and  5) employee commitment and involvement.

Safety Culture Framework

For each dimension, the model identifies the most important items describing the dimension. Each of the items are measured using a four-stage maturity scale.

How to apply:

The safety culture maturity model may be used in

  • large-scale surveys, or
  • auditing safety culture, e.g. through group interviews or workshops

It may be answered by all the employee groups in a company and the results of different orgazisational levels should be analysed seperately.

How to use the results of a maturity analysis?

  • Use the information for benchmarking and tracking results
  • Use the results as straight development suggestions
    • By understanding at which level the practices are now, the development efforts can be targeted to achieve the next maturity level.


A recent review by Goncalves Filho and Waterson (2018)* compiled previous models established for safety culture assessment. There is still a need for a maturity model that covers the key factors of the existing models.

As part of the SafePotential project, a new maturity model was designed to measure and analyze safety culture. Fourteen valid and reliable safety culture maturity models were selected, analyzed, and compared to find the most common dimensions and evaluation criteria for safety culture. The findings were used as a basis for the created new model.

More on Pirhonen, J. (2021). Measurement of safety culture maturity. Master of Science Thesis, Tampere University.

*Goncalves Filho, A. P., Waterson, P. (2018). Maturity models and safety culture: A critical review. Safety Science 105, 192–211.

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