SafePotential is about creating a toolbox for organizations for them to better materialize the hidden potential of safety performance measurement. Here you can read more about the background of the project.


The project was a part of a European Saf€ra research program in the field of industrial safety. Participating European partner was University of Belgrade. The project was carried out in 1.1.2019 – 30.6.2021, and it was funded by Finnish Work Environment Fund, the participating companies, and Tampere University.

Table of the stakeholders of the project.

Safety Performance Measurement

Performance measurement relates widely to all quantitative information related to occupational safety, including lost time incident frequency rate (LTIF), number of reported hazardous situations, days lost through occupational injury, days lost through illness, safety climate scores, job satisfaction scores, and related follow-up costs.


The purpose of the project was to create models and develop practices for materializing the potential of safety performance measurement. More specifically, the project answered the following research questions:

1) What is the level of maturity in safety performance measurement and management?

2) How can safety performance be modeled and predicted with a performance map?

3) How can information technology and visualization facilitate the use of  measurement information to support proactive safety management and an understanding of safety performance?

The research process included eight stages elaborated below and the study resulted in a toolbox created to benefit organizations.

Timeline of the project.

Learn more about the results and the tools generated at the different stages here.