The final report of the SafePotential project has been published in Finnish

The final report summarizes the main results of the SafePotential project implemented in the Unit of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Tampere University. The project provided information and tools to more effectively exploit the potential of measures and measurement systems in safety management.

The final report of the SafePotential project and the accompanying toolbox have been published in Finnish and are available at: Mittaamisesta lisäarvoa turvallisuuden johtamiseen

The final report describes the current state of safety measurement and management. In addition, tools developed in the project to help develop and utilize safety measurement are presented. These include

  • a maturity model for safety performance measurement
  • a maturity model for safety culture
  • a visual map of the various factors affecting safety performance and
  • a listing of the indicators associated with the factors presented on the map, and
  • an assessment tool for measuring the effectiveness of safety training.

The report also introduces the reader to the latest research in the field of safety performance measurement and management.


The project was implemented as a collaboration between the Operations and Supply Chain Management Group and the Safety Management and Engineering research groups operating in the Industrial Engineering and Management unit of the Tampere University. It was attended by four case companies, Konecranes Oyj, Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj, NRC Group Finland Oy and Paulig Group. The project was funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund and the participating companies. The project was a part of international Saf€ra program and it collaborated with University of Belgrade.