Preparing something in the period when nothing is possible to prepare

Covid-19 has meant that plans have had to be changed several times to organize intensive weeks in Mamyfu project. But the situation also induces creativity - one of the main points in the project. Ederi Ojasoo from Peipsi, Estonia tells the challenges faced and how to solve them!

Planning Estonian intensive week has been quite strange. Due to the COVID-19 there has been some issues that have made planning Estonian week problematical in autumn 2020 and in winter 2021. Now we have the last chance for that – spring 2021. Hopefully it happens 😉

But actually, I wanted to say that it is funny how everything is connected with everything every time. The first idea was to organise intensive week in Räpina, but in a small place there are not very many accommodation possibilities for a big group. We had a chance to use gardening school youth hostel, but it was possible only during winter holiday. Thus, no bed, no place ☹ Coronavirus still running faster than we 😉

But in the new world nothing is stable and we and the world around us is changing all the time. Thus MAMYFU project will give a chance to discover the beautiful nature of the lake Peipsi shores and we will visit all together Kallaste.

Games and gaming and nature

Why we chose the games and gaming for the topic of the Estonian intensive week. We believe that actually we all are playing every time and every day. Only games are different 😉 Children are playing games where everything is visible, adults are sometimes not so visible. We are gaming games of our wishes. We all have strategies to get or to achieve something. Others wants to become a leader and who wants a better position in front of the friends. But only other don´t know the rules

Tuomo Joronen from TAMK introduced the difference between games and gaming in December in our on-line game meet. We discussed about our favorite games and their meaning to us. We also thought about how gaming can be influencal.

Slide from Tuomo Joronen's presentation

Screenshot from the participants online

It was really interesting and useful. I believe that with the increasing digital world the importance of the gaming is also rising in our everyday lives. Already now computer games are part of new media for the screenagers. And it is influencing them more than we can imagine. But actually, every game is influencing us. Live Action Role Play games that help us to get some new feeling and some experience of coexisting and playing. Games are always teaching something new for us. A sunny idea is that for the end of Estonian week we all have played something and learn something new.

Peipsi Lake – Author Modris Putns

Stay tuned for Estonia week,

in around 19-24 April 2021!