Intensive program in Liepaja, Latvia, 16-21.8.2020

Whiuu! We did it! Though Covid-19 is banning near all travelling we manage to organize our intensive week in Liepaja, Latvia in August

Covid-19 tried to blog us from having the intensive program but luckily the virus situation both in Estonia, Finland and Latvia was controlled in such a way that we could travel and meet young people and professional working with youth in lovely city of Liepaja, Latvia.

The program was organized by Reciliences Centrs team headed by Aiga Romane. The program consisted of improvisations, drama workshops, collaboration with local young people from Estere NGO and designing and executing a public joint event. Besides the group got a chance to explore Liepaja and the weird, exiting and a bit scary Karaosta prison by taking part in simulation game.

Because of Covid-19, the only 16 young people (including students from TAMK UAS) and 5 project staff members could participate. But we had a chance to do activities with young from Estere NGO in a joint drama workshop lead by Kärlis Mednieks. Other energizes and hugely talented improvisation and drama pedagogues we were lucky to have with us were Dzeina Feldberga and Julia Robinson.

Progam in brief:

  • 16.8. Arrivals and orientation
  • 17.8. Opening and orientation to the program and theme “Future post Corona”
    • Getting to know each other
    • A step back: Moodreel from Tampere
    • Preparatory works about the theme (comics, video, photos) by country groups
    • Improvisation sessions (by Julia Robinson)
    • Feedback
  • 18.8. Drama workshop by Dzeina Feldberga
    • Project workshop to plan the event organized by and with young people (double team method)
    • Karaosta prison visit – via simulation game
    • Cultural evening in the park: sharing and learning cultural dances and snacks
  • 19.8. Orientation game to Liepaja city in small groups
    • Workshop with local young from Estere NGO led by Kärlis Mednieks
    • Preparing for local event
    • Local event in the city centre – about 30 young people from Estere and others participated. (20-21.30)
    • Activities were designed by participants themselves – including a Covid-jumping game, drawing the flags -session, joint singing of Liepaja anthem and street art.
  • 20.8. Evaluation session with feeling cards and theme interviews led by Pauliina Waris, TAMK
    • Certificates and thanks
    • Instructions and wishes for dissemination, blog writing and feedback survey

The week was filled with joy, laughter, exitement, good wibes and also crossing over your limits.