Something else than only talk…Especially in social work and psychology we tend to rely on talking, conversing with each other. Expressing yourself verbally is difficult, for many. It is also quite intimidating. A lot of feelings or thoughts cannot be verbalized. Thus in Making my future – the focus is on creative and action-based methods. These include a variety of different options:  


  • writing methods such as creative writing and storytelling, poetrymaking, rap versing…
  • dance and movement such as contact improvisations, folk dances,
  • visual art such as drawing, painting, graffiti, handcrafts, sand art, sculpture making
  • music-based methods such as body drumming, singing, chanting, shouting, playing any instruments (badly or well, does not matter) or writing songs
  • drama-based methods from pantomine to improvisations, drama exercises, community theatre, acting roles
  • environment-approached methods such as environmental art or environmental projects
  • photobased methods e.g. photovoice, photographing, videomaking
  • gaming – human being is a playfull creature. Einstein has said that the highest form of research is playing!

In Making my future – project each intensive focuses on some creative methods which engage young people to learn something new and to encourage for finding their way for expressing themselves and also, to offer an opportunity to crossover from your comfort zone and try something new