Making my future is about empowering youth to strengthen their capacity and self-efficacy for a better future, for young people themselves and their communities.


The time of youth, between the ages around 16 to 25, is a period when the future is shaping up by the choices the young make in further education and starting working life. The impact of peers and home as well as the community is important.

“Making my future” joins up 35 young and 10 professionals from Estonia, Latvia and Finland to collaborate together to build up the future in their communities.


The idea is that with collaboration and joint activities “Making my future” project designs and pilots practices and tools for empowering young people for better future.  The project invites young adults from Estonia, Latvia and Finland to join together to reflect and proactively impact to their living environments and make their voice to be heard.  The approach of collaborative action learning is used – that is working together with young people using socio-cultural and future guidance methods – to enhance their potentials and also to encourage them to create their own small projects in their communities.

Process and expected results

The project consists of three intensive weeks in Estonia, Latvia and Finland during 2019 – 2020 with pre- and post-activities done by young people in their own communities. The process starts with using photo voice method as a community study method and continues with co-creation and implementation of small scale projects in the local communities. The process, methods and results are disseminated via this website and blog.


The project is funded by Central Baltic Region Interreg -programme.


Partners in the project are:

Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland (coordinator)

MTÜ Peipsi Koostöö Keskus, Estonia

Resilience Centrs, Latvia

Sociala Pakalpojumu Agentura, Latvia

Co-operative partners

Youth Centre Räpinä, Peipsi, Estonia

Group family home Satakieli, Tampere, Finland

Sopimusvuori rehabilitation center, Tampere, Finland

Estere NGO, Liepaja, Latvia

Multifunctional youth house 13, Tampere, Finland