Help us make a game! Group discussion invitation at ECCB2018, Jyväskylä, Finland

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WELCOME – Open invitation

Group discussion on biodiversity offsetting experiences, risks and possibilities @ ECCB2018

To exchange experiences and views on biodiversity offsetting, the “Offsetting game” project invites international conservation researchers and professionals in a collective discussion.

Thursday 14th of June from 13.30 to 15.30 in room K305 (Paviljonki)

PLEASE REGISTER here: – it is not obligatory or binding, but we’ll provide vegan refreshments!

Drawing on a multidisciplinary and collaborative background, the project will develop a social simulation game of biodiversity offsetting in Finnish and in English. Once developed, the game will be published open access online. The workshop discussion during ECCB meeting will be recorded and used confidentially for research and game development. It will provide insights on biodiversity offsetting experiences, risks and possibilities to the participants.

How we see biodiversity offsetting?

The increasing pressure to find efficient conservation solutions has lead to development of and experimentation with new policy practices and approaches. Biodiversity offsetting is one of these new practices that aim at reconciling nature conservation and other uses of nature. However, biodiversity offsetting is a complex practice and involves ecological and social uncertainties. It has also generated contrasted reactions. Hopes of reconciliation and efficiency surround offsetting practices have been promoted, but also fears and risks of failure and triviality have emerged. In many countries biodiversity offsetting practice is still new and practiced only experimentally.



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