KODIG – Digital Skills for Experts by Experience


The service structure reform of social welfare and health care has a strong impact on the work field of experts by experience. It is important to ensure that they will be included in the future as well.

The services will be digitized and organized in a new way. The point of view of service users is important in the practical planning, development, evaluation and dissemination of these reforms.

The perspectives of service users are also valuable for educational institutions that train the future professionals to face very different service users.


The project offers for 20 certified experts by experience additional training in digital skills. The training aims to help them produce digital material about their own story.

The goal is to train experts by experience to work in a more digitalized educational environments and to participate in the development work of the service structure reform of social welfare and health care using digital tools.

The project promotes visibility and easy access to the work of experts by experience in an increasingly complex service environment. It improves their chances of using their previous training to find jobs in the field.


The project consists of 4 work packages.

1. The training contents of the experts by experience was surveyed by studying publications, education contents and by interviewing education providers.

For digital skills training of the project, the needs of experts by experience were examined in an inquiry  addressed to them. The experts by experience also signed up for the digital skills training via the inquiry. The need to learn more digital skills was evident in both surveys.

2. The digital skills training was carried out between October 2022 and March 2023. There were 10 workshops there, each lasting 4 hours. In addition to this personal coaching was offered.

The topics to be covered in the training were planned and the material was prepared according to the needs that emerged from the survey of the work package 1.

The DigiCampus online learning environment was utilized in the training. All material was structured into the learning environment. It was possible to participate in the trainings face to face or remotely. A recording was also made of all the training sessions to be revisited afterwards.

Digital skills training included instructions for:

  • the word processing program (Word)
  • using a slide show presentation program to create a slide show for lectures and to make a video recording for a short lecture that can be sold forward (PowerPoint)
  • using the AV equipment in live lectures and presentations
  • working in an online meeting environment
    (Teams, Zoom, GoogleMeet)
  • taking pictures and recording video with a smartphone
  • editing a video (PowerPoint)
  • making a video recording to market one’s skills.
  • making subtitles to the video and sharing video online.
  • using an electronic platform to increase participation in lectures and presentations (Flinga)

As a result of the training, the experts by experience made a marketing video of their story.

3. During March 2023 – August 2023 an open online learning environment was prepared for self-study of the digital skills that were covered in the training.

4. Workshops were held to market the learning environment and the work of experts by experience in June 2023 and August 2023.

You can visit the open online learning environment in DigiCampus form this link.

You can access to the course as a guest or you can create a free account.