Transnational Meetings Back in the Program

Transnational Meetings will start again. COVID19 pandemic has created significant delays and challenges to project work but finally, we can meet and work together face-to-face.

In the DigiCare project the work was planned and structured between transnational meetings and they have been cancelled since February 2020. Fortunately, project work and consortium has been able to continue project tasks and activities online and locally. However, online meetings and webinars don’t quite measure evenly with face-to-face meetings.

Online activities are great way to work together but creating innovative models or brainstorming new ideas require also in person workshops, world cafes, debates and defenses of own perspectives. We might need to friendly disagree to create something new and sustainable.

Now the time has finally arrived when we can start planning and organizing our next Transnational Meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is the first time to meet in Bangladesh and the excitement is palpable.

Detailed planning is already under way and practical considerations will be discussed by each partner university.

The working mode in Dhaka will be very interactive and pretasks to be done prior to the meeting will ensure high level of achievements during the meeting. Finally, we wil be able to greet and meet each other after a long pandemic break.


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