Introducing DigiCare Project to a Government Training Program in Bangladesh

DigiCare project dissemination has been ongoing in Bangladesh. In Dhaka DigiCare Model and coaching methods were introduced to participants from 11 Child Development Centres.

As a part of the DigiCare dissemination activities, we introduced DigiCare to training participants of the Basic training course organized by the Hospital Services Management of the Directorate General of Health Service, Bangladesh. The participants (Child Health Physician, Child Psychologist & Developmental Therapist) were from 11 Child Development Centres (Shishu Bikash Kendra) of different Medical Colleges in Bangladesh.

We discussed the DigiCare model, the Couching method, the piloting and the feedback of our students. As they are working with children with Neuro-developmental disorders and with their caregivers, they found the coaching method and the model useful in their daily practice.

by Dr Israt Jahan Ummon


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