International Nurses’ Day Celebrations in Bangladeshi Style

International nurses day celebration in bangladeshi way

The international nurses’ day celebrated on 12th May, coincided with DigiCare transnational meeting so that the consortium was able to participate the celebrations with the nursing students of Universal Medical School.

The Celebration program inInternational nurses day celebration in bangladeshi waycluded encouraging speeches, dance, singing and music performed by the students. Florence Nightingale was remembered as the brave pioneer of nursing profession, the importance and value of the nursing profession throughout the ages was recognized but eyes were directed also into the future of nursing, new challenges and opportunities rising from developing of the society, aging population and increasing digitalization to mention a few. The dance and music brought in wonderful cultural touch, as well as touching way of giving space for representants of four religions, Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist, to bless the celebrations in their own style. And of course, a real celeberation is crowned by a cake!

International nurses day celebration in bangladeshi way

The consortium got a chance to encourage the future professionals to develop their competencies in self-management support, coaching and use of digital assets. Equally, the nursing students encouraged the consortium with their flourishing and contagious enthusiasm, eagerness to learn and to develop their country. Nursing is certainly a profession that can be proudly celebrated together!


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