Discovering the Role of Digital Tools, AI and Automation in Sales


The ROBINS co-innovation project develops new knowledge about intelligent B2B-sales robotics in close cooperation with company partners. In doing so, the project enables the growth and internationalisation of Finnish companies. Currently, Finnish small and medium-sized B2B companies typically seek growth by recruiting sales people – however, effective sales robotics tools and digitally enabled business models would enable faster international growth. The ROBINS project shows direction for Finnish companies. The ROBINS project facilitates sales and marketing transformation of Finnish companies towards open service ecosystems and thereby ensures that the growth seeking companies can realise their growth strategies, engage in disruptive change and turn their marketing and sales activity into the so called inbound marketing and modern sales in the digital era.


The ROBINS project builds a development and commercialisation platform of intelligent B2B sales robotics.

The project develops models for digital B2B customer journeys, service ecosystems, platform-based business, modern digitized selling and growth management as well as appropriate use of intelligent sales robotics tools.


The results of the project have both high practical and academic relevance. Scientifically, the results have remarkable publication potential, since the core themes of the project are internationally hot topics of research.


The ROBINS project has been 60% funded by Business Finland. The remaining 40% is funded by Tampere University / Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Partners and co-operators

The consortium built for this project includes researchers of management, sales and marketing from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University, six partner companies Codemen, Differo, Gofore, Gravicon, Intolead and Sales Communications as well as international partners.