From a participant: My story in Making my future

One participant's story from her experiences from Making my future -project in January 2020, in Tampere, Finland. The main method used was photo voice. Lets hear her story...

My voice in Making My Future project

I heard about this project only week before it started. I’m on rehabilitation in youth center at Tampere, Finland. I participated in international ( Erasmus+) project last autumn which we hosted at the center. Being part of that project, gave me courage to try participating in this one also! At first, I was nervous about having preassignments ready before the start of this, but I managed to do it on time. This first part of Making My Future project we used photo voice method, which was a new thing for me as well as to many participants from Finland, Latvia and Estonia.

I chose this picture because one the preparatory tasks was to take a picture of yourself. I didn’t  want to take picture of myself. For several years I’ve been on situation where I can’t publish pictures of myself or my family, friends etc. or where the picture was taken because of safety issues. I think I lack out of normal young peoples’ things when we are living on social media time.

Anyway this picture represents well that I’ve been walking a hard, muddy road but now I’m standing on my own feet. To some this picture may represent a picture of boots. But if we don’t know the story behind the picture it is just that. Using photo voice method people who don’t have a chance to tell about their life and situation which they live in can be heard and seen.”

25 years old girl from Tampere, Suomi