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Rejected, Unheard, and Gaining a Voice: Children’s Experiences of Abuse in Foster Care and the Barriers and Opportunities for Disclosure, 1950–2025, is a 4-year project (2022-2025), funded by the Kone Foundation.

Main object: to develop understanding on the cultural, social, and institutional mechanisms inhibiting and/or facilitating children’s social sharing of difficult experiences (particularly experiences of neglect and abuse).

Research team and partners:

PI, senior research fellow Antti Malinen, Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in the History of Experiences (HEX)

Johanna Barkman, director of development, Pesäpuu ry, national child welfare organization

Tuomas Laine-Frigren, postdoctoral researcher, Tampere University

Pilvi Morko, Hoivatie, previously ”Friends of the Youth”, provider of national social services and expertise, specially for the young people

Marianne Notko, Senior researcher, University of Jyväskylä

Marita Oja, research coordinator, Cultural Cooperative ILME

Mikko Oranen, director of development, Hoivatie

PhD Karoliina Puranen-Impola, historian, University of Jyväskylä

Anneli Tuura, Playback Theatre Storia


Artists, Cultural cooperative ILME:

Timo Harju

Mirka Kortesoja

Tiina Vehkaperä


Artists, Playback Theatre Storia:

Varpu Kohvakka

Tanja Pihlaja

Anu-Maaria Tulla

Jukka Virtala