Platform aim

Offer advanced imaging as a service across different disciplines and industries, and effectively engage all individuals and units that make use of imaging and thus supercharge image-based scientific investigation in TAU


Imaging is a transdisciplinary discipline of high importance and strong industrial and societal relevance, which has been the focus of excellent fundamental and applied research and education at Tampere University (Imaging TAU).  It encompasses and bridges the physics of light and other electromagnetic waves, optical materials and structures, sensors transforming light into electrical and digital signals, comprehensive signal processing methods to enable computational image formation, restoration, and automated analysis and interpretation.

The Imaging Platform supports projects of two categories: advanced imaging as service for TAU research community and research collaboration on “Light Transport” (coupling advanced photonics components with computational imaging algorithms and efficient computer graphics rendering). We aim to accelerate the adoption of the state-of-the-art in imaging and assist scientists to stop relying on obsolete imaging and image processing methods. To strengthen the connection between the image analysis expertise and microscopy center, the Imaging Platform allocates an imaging expert to the Tampere Microscopy Center.

The plans of the Imaging Platform include development of an innovative research driven PhD and MSc programmes in imaging, technical and intellectual-property consultancy, as well as seed funding for supporting the creation of start-up and entrepreneurship activities in the imaging field.

Funded by

Academy of Finland, PROFI6 (project no. 336357) funding to strengthen university research profiles