Two projects and three visiting scholars are funded in 2024

TAU Research Imaging Platform funds two projects and three visiting scholars! New calls are expected to be open in March 2024!

Research projects.

  • Neuromorphic Imaging for Robotics (PI – Prof. Roel Pieters, Cognitive Robotics research group). The project will be carried out in collaboration with Prof. Kämäräinen (Computer Vision).
  • 3D microrheology for micromechanical and microstructural analysis of hydrogel cell culture systems (PI – Dr. Janne. Koivisto, Biomedical Technology)

Visiting scholars.

  • Dr. Tatiana Latychevskaia from University of Zurich, Switzerland, to collaborate with Dr. Shevkunov (Computational Imaging Group) on the topic of “Lenseless Imaging”.
  • Adj. Prof. David M.Rubin from the Universtiy of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, to collaborate with Prof. Postema (BioMediTech) on the topic of “Multimodal Contrast Agents to Enable Imaging and Modeling of Dynamic Processes in Human Body”
  • Prof. Rajesh Menon from University of Utah, USA, to collaborate with Prof. Gotchev (CIVIT) on the topics of “Computational Cameras and Displays “.