Funding for research projects 2022-2023

The Imaging Platform received a number of high-quality applications. In this call, the steering group selected the following projects.

Advanced imaging as cross-disciplinary service for the TAU research community

  • High-speed FRET imaging of living cells: dealing with extremely low signal-to-noise ratio, low frame-rate, and raster-scan deformations​ (PIs – Prof. Foi and Dr. Ihalainen)
  • Bayesian Machine Learning for Model Parameter Selection in Inverse Problems: Application in Personalized Brain Activity Imaging​ (PI – Dr. Koulouri)

Research collaboration on “Light Transport”

  • Smart material-based diffractive optical elements for hardware in the loop hybrid diffractive optics design for achromatic extended-depth-of-field imaging (PIs – Prof. Egiazarian and Prof. Priimägi) 
  • HIDDEN – Hyperspectral Imaging with metaoptics and Deep Neural network​ (PIs – Prof. Gotchev and Prof. Caglayan)

See the Projects page for more details.