Performance measurement for hybrid governance

Research project on performance measurement for hybrid governance in the Faculty of Management and Business at the Tampere University. Project begun on fall 2017 and lasted until August 2021. The project has ended. Principal Investigator was Professor Jarmo Vakkuri and the main source of funding was the Academy of Finland.

Mixing public and private

What do we mean when we talk about hybridity? In this project hybrid forms of governance refer to four perspectives of modern institutional diversity. Mixed ownership. Goal incongruence and competing institutional logics. Multiplicity of funding arrangements. Public and private forms of financial and social control.

The bigger picture of hybridity

We move beyond hybridity as hybrid organisations. Being fully aware of the importance of organisational thinking, we have introduced some difficulties in understanding hybridity merely through organisational foci. To us, the seemingly straightforward view of hybridity as organisations is deceptive, as the organisation-based view cannot take into account the nature of multiple hybrid arrangements in societies.

What are hybrids worth?

In a hybrid context, a performance measurement exercise incorporates four elements. A person or organisation conducting the quantification process (measurer). The object of measurement (measuree). The rules of evaluation and calculation (measurement system). The results of measurements to be used (measurement results).

Hybridity in context

In HYPER project we are particularly interested in the following contexts: Research and development as a hybrid system, Cleantech as a hybrid industry and Hybrid governance in health care.

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