Project has ended: Follow up recently published special issues and upcoming projects

HYPER project funded by the Academy of Finland has now been succesfully completed, but work on increasing the understanding of performance issues around hybrid modes of organizing and governance continues. The last workshop was held in August 2021 to reflect on the work done during the project, plan future activities, and ways to develop the research on hybrid modes of organizing and governance. HYPER project produced an exceptional amount of publications and conference presentations, enabled international networking opportunities and creation of interest groups around the research themes, and allowed intensive early career development for several new researchers.


Recently published Special Issues on managing and governing hybridity:

Accounting, Accountability, and Governance in Nonprofit Organizations and Government-owned Enterprises – Journal of Public Budgeting and Management June 2021

Hybrids’ Act-Ing for Multiple Values – The British Accounting Review February 2021


If you are interested to follow up recent developments in the research stream, follow ResearchGate Lab “Governing and Managing Hybridity”