Research Group

Professor Jarmo Vakkuri, Director of HYPER

Jarmo Vakkuri is Professor at the Faculty of Management, Tampere University, and the director of the research group on Public Financial Management. His research concentrates on performance measurement in public administration, theories of decision-making, hybrid organizations and governance, and urban policy-making.




Professor Jan-Erik Johanson, Vice-chair of HYPER

Johanson is a professor of administrative science and chair of administrative sciences at the Tampere University, Finland. Johanson is President of the Finnish Association of Administrative Studies, and he serves as board member of Nordic administrative Alliance (NAF).





Dr. Jukka Huhtamäki, Postdoctoral Researcher at Laboratory of Industrial and Information Management

Jukka Huhtamäki (Tampere University of Technology & University of Tampere) is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Laboratory of Industrial and Information Management and at Tampere Research Centre for Journalism, Media and Communication (COMET) and a co-founder of Innovation Ecosystems Network.




Petra Kokko, MBA, PhD student specialized in customer-centred health care

Petra Kokko is a PhD student in local public economics, in the faculty of management, university of Tampere. Petra has a comprehensive background in the health care sector; first as a nurse in operating rooms and after completing the Master’s degree in Business Administration (in 2003, University of Vaasa), as an accounting and finance expert in hospitals.




Professor Harri Laihonen,  University of Eastern Finland

Professor Harri Laihonen is working in University of Eastern Finland. Harri’s research interests lie in the fields of knowledge management and performance management.






Dr. Elias Pekkola, Acting Professor of Administrative sciences in Tampere University

Dr. Elias Pekkola is an acting Professor and a University Lecturer in Administrative Science at the Faculty of Management at Tampere University, Finland. Pekkola is also an Academic Director of Nordic joint master degree programme on Innovative Governance and Public Management, and manages several research projects.




Professor Giuseppe Grossi, Nord University Business School

Giuseppe Grossi is PhD and Professor in Accounting at the Nord University Business School (Norway). Grossi’s research focuses on public governance, performance budgeting and management, hybrid organizations, smart cities, and internationalization of public sector accounting.




Erkki-Jussi Nylén, Doctoral researcher in Environmental Policy

Erkki-Jussi Nylén is a doctoral researcher in Environmental Policy in the Faculty of Management and Business, University of Tampere. His dissertation project focuses on the promotion of the circular economy as a policy reform in Finland.






Elina Vikstedt, Doctoral Researcher

Elina Vikstedt is doctoral researcher in Tampere University. Her research interests are focused on hybrid forms of governance and organising for green and sustainable economy.