Upcoming event: International Research Society for Public Management Conference 2021 SIG Panel "Governing and Managing Hybridity"

"Governance forms in-between public and private spheres are becoming more common and influential in society. Likewise, scholarly attention for hybridity, hybrid governance, hybrid organizations and hybrid professionalism has increased. However, current research is yet inapt for theorizing some of the most important aspects of societal governance: why and how do the distinct forms of ownership and institutional logics sometimes contradict and collide, while at other times, via collaborative design, promote societal aims?"

IRSPM International Research Society for Public Management hosts panel on Governing and Managing Hybridity in upcoming conference 20 – 23 April 2021. Due to the on-going COVID-19 situation the conference is held fully online. HYPER researchers Prof. Jan-Erik Johanson and Prof. Jarmo Vakkuri work as Panel Chairs in the event together with international collagues. In total, the Panel on Governing and Managing Hybridity organizes 10 sessions with contributions from all around the world, discussing broad array of different hybrid contexts and recent advancements in the field of study. For HYPER researchers the conference works as an important platform for presenting and discussing recent findings with international collagues.

On behalf of HYPER research team we warmly thank the organizers of this event for great efforst in exceptional times, and hope that the turnout in panels session is high and interesting discussions will follow.

If you have not registered yet, there is still little time left: Registration to the event is open from 26 February 2021 until 16 April 2021. Registration happens through ExOrdo system which works as a platform for the conference.