About the project

Learning ICT Supported Nursing for Self Management of Patients


Recent ICT and technological development in health care has brought the need for future nurses to appreciate the importance of using new technologies and assist their patients to self-manage chronic diseases.

To fulfil the gap in the nursing curriculum, a generic model called the DigiNurse model is under development. This model carefully supports the selection, observation and evaluation of teaching and learning methods that enhance nursing students’ digital coaching skills.

DigiNurse model contributes towards students’ mentors and students to understand and use assisting devices and applications during coaching and clinical training. The model will contain organisational, educational and professional elements that will not only develop the students’ digital competences but also support their professional growth and skills.


1) To develop the DigiNurse model for patient self-determination in chronic illnesses.
2) To train students, teachers, healthcare professionals, student instructors, clients / patients, representatives of the third sector to utilize the DigiNurse model.
3) Be in partnership with national technology companies.
4) Improve co-operation and networking between participants.


This model is expected to promote learning and apply digital and communication skills to support  self-management through online coaching and use of mobile health tools in all collaborating educational institutions. We expect to train 30 individual members, 600 students, 65 lecturers and 15 mentors. We also anticipate nursing students optimizing the digital resources that they are allocated to support and coach selfmanagement of patients suffering from chronic conditions.

Benefits & Challenges

Digital health literary among student nurses, teachers, mentors, patients and other actors in the health sector will increase. Technology and its application by different health care actors may not be readily accepted.

Project Steps

→ Literature review of best digital practices (digital coaching, communication and self-management, ICT learning theories and tools)

→ Development of a questionnaire exploring student nurses’ perceptions on their acceptance of the use of digital tools in their curricula and in the development of their coaching skills

→ Creation of a website for dissemination of information and practical guidelines on how to use the DigiNurse Model

→ Development of DigiNurse model

→ Piloting of DigiNurse model

→ Modifying the model and forming guidelines for use

→ Dissemination of the model and results


The project is Funded by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for higher education Programme.

Partners and co-operators

The partners are Tampere University of Applied Sciences, University of Ljubljana, The Nursing School of Coimbra, Thomas More University College, Karelia University of Applied Sciences.

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